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Company Director. James is normally buying or selling. James has been in the Wholesale side of the industry for over 20 years. Obviously he loves everyday orders but he has an interest and specialises in wedding orders, especially if its something a little different from the norm.

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Company Consultant. Always first in. Keith has a wealth of knowledge in the flower industry, probably around 50 years? You'll normally find him between the bouquet department and the main selling area on a day to day basis making sure everyone is ok.

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Chris is head of our bouquet department. You will normally find her making bouquets for orders for the next day or making bunches and bouquets for everyday sales for our market or delivery customers.

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This is one for delivery customers. Mark goes out early hours to try and get your orders out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Angela is head of accounts. So if there is anything accounts you need to know she will sort it for you.

Meet The Team: Meet the Team
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